10:30 AM Welcome and Introduction Ms. Lavanya Singh
Dr. R. N. Singh, Dr. K. H. Sancheti, Dr. Parag Sancheti,
Dr. Manoj Chaudhary
11:10 AM TO 11:45 AM SESSION 1 Moderator : Dr. Swaroop Patel
11:10 AM TO 11:30 AM Evolution of THA Dr. Rakesh Rajput
11:25 AM what have learned with TKR navigation in 2020? Benefits and evidences Dr. Fredrich Picard
11:45 AM Does your experience say that Orthopedics needs advancement as Robotics Dr. John Mukhopadhaya
12:10 AM TO 12:50 PM SESSION 2 Moderator : Dr. Sudeep
12:10 PM Planning in a Total Hip Replacement Dr. Sahil Sangvi
12:25 AM TO 12:45 PM Convincing a Patient for Joint Replacement - in our practice
12:45 PM TO 1 PM Pre Operative planning with the robot Platform Dr. Thadi Mohan
1:00 PM+ Mako total hip overview –surgical steps, bone registration, case planning and execution on video platform Dr. Sushil Singh
12:50 PM TO 2 PM Session 3 Live Robotic Hip Replacement Surgery Moderator – Mr. Kamal Deep, Mr. Martin Sarungi, Dr. Johan Prins, Dr. Rakesh Chaudhary
02 PM TO 2:30 PM Exhibitors Parade Virtual Visit To The Stalls And Lunch
02:30 PM TO 3 PM SESSION 4
02:30 PM TO 2:45 PM Malalignment in THR – Can it be Eradicated using Technology? (Problems with manual THR’s) Dr. Raj kumar Natesan
2:45 PM TO 03:00 PM Let’s talk about evidences Dr. Kamal Deep
03:00 PM TO 03:20 PM Managing Ankylosed Hip with Robotics
03:20 PM TO 03:30 PM Patient outcomesfollowing Robotic Total Joint Replacement Dr. Adarsh Annapareddy
03:20 PM TO 4 PM Discussion – Q & A
04 PM Vote of Thanks Dr. R. N. Singh