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to the Heritage Capital City of Bihar

On behalf of the Organizing and Scientific committee of Anup Master's Course 2022, I would like to invite you for the coming conference ANUP MASTER's Course 2022.This year's meeting theme is Orthopedic Recapitulate Reinforced and

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We would be focusing on Hip and knee disorders,Joint Preservation techniques and using technology and achieving accuracy in Joint replacements. We would be having. live robotic surgeries, Robotic Workshop sessions, excellent talks from global scientific experts.

It has been a pleasure planning and executing the meeting at Patna. We look forward to your continued enthusiastic participation in the academic and scientific activities of ANUP MASTER'S Course 2022.On behalf of of our team, it is indeed a great pleasure for us to invite you to participate in the 4th Annual Conference of “Anup Masters Course” on 8th and 9th January 2022 and I look forward to see you.

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