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Welcome Back Friends

It's a matter of proud and immense pleasure for me to announce and organise the prominent event "ANUP MASTERS COURSE" which is going to be conducted on August 25th & 26th’ 2023 at Hotel Maurya, Patna , Bihar , India in association with Bihar Orthopaedic Association.

After four successful events we are back with a bang to announce 5th Annual Anup Master’s course and your gracious presence will make a difference.

Like always we are aiming to further emphasize the recent trends and advancements in the field of orthopaedics the congress will be focused on the theme – SIMPLIFYING COMPLEXITIES OF JOINT REPLACEMENTS.

This event brings together orthopaedic surgeons, healthcare professionals, researchers, practitioners, physical therapists, clinicians, physiotherapists, and other orthopaedic professionals from all corners of the globe to develop their knowledge and abilities.

The Organising committee AMC 2023 in association the BOA whole heartedly, welcomes everyone to join us at Patna for the forthcoming event. We are confident that the conference will remain vividly in your minds forever.

Venue – Hotel Maurya, Patna, Bihar | Dates :August 25th and 26th 2023

Looking forward to seeing you all …
Dr. Ashish Singh
Organising Chairman, AMC 2023

Conference Highlights

Live Beaming -Robotic and manual Surgeries

Hands on saw-bone workshop on Uni-compartmental Knee & Total knee Replacement

Exeter Hip Replacement workshop

Debates, No Didactic Lectures, Implant demonstration

Excellent Scientific Contents

Experts from across the world and India

Time To Go


About AIOR-AJRC : Center Of Excellence In Orthopedics

Anup Institute of Orthopedics and Rehabilitation first NABH accredited single specialty Hospital in East India, a leading name in the healthcare spectrum and have a robust presence in Patna since 1989. The Most Trusted Orthopaedic Hospitals in the country, with World Class Standards with team of internationally trained and acclaimed Doctors with vast experience.We render highly specialized services in all areas of orthopedics, which include Joint Replacement, Arthroscopy, Spinal Surgery, Rheumatology, Arthritis, Shoulder Surgery, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Neurosurgery, Hand and Faciomaxillary and Dental Surgery, Sports Injuries, Anesthesiology and so on. Thus, it is one of the largest super-specialties with all the orthopedic sub-specialties under one roof.

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About Host City : PATNA, Bihar, INDIA

The original name of Patna was Pataliputra or Patalipattan and its history makes a start from the century 600 B.C. The name Patna has undergone many changes at its earliest stages like Pataligram, Kusumpur, Patliputra, Azimabad etc., ultimately terminating to the present one. Chandragupta Maurya made it his capital in the 4th century A.D. Thereafter the city lost its importance until Sherkhan Suri rose into power in the early 16th century A.D. Another version that comes to focus is that there existed a village named Pattan or Patthan, which later turned into Patna.It has been said that Pataliputra was founded by Ajatashatru. Patna, therefore, has become inextricably bound up with the ancient Pataliputra. The ancient village was named ‘Patali’ and the word ‘Pattan’ was added to it. Greek history mentions ‘Palibothra’ which perhaps is Pataliputra itself.

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AMC 2023

Don't miss your chance to be a part of this exceptional event.