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With an end coming to AMC, The AIOR team would like to sincerely appreciate the efforts made by one and all to make the course even more enriching by gracing the event despite the present circumstances ! We gladly hope you enjoyed the process as we much as we did hosting it for you. Looking forward to you and many more succesful AMC's. Once again on behalf of the AIOR team I, Dr. Ashish Singh would like to extend my gratitude and wholeheartedly thank you!
Best wishes,
Dr. Ashish



  • As per horoscope, Dr. Ashish Singh is a true Leo - enthusiastic, decisive and warm hearted. With patient well-being at the centre of every decision, LEO2 is the name given to personify the addition of an important healing member of AIOR.
  • It bears the same characteristics as our first LEO but with an unmatched ability - it has 3d vision and blade skills that no human can match.
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No Registration Fees !! But Pre Registration Is Required